Collection: Luxury Candles

luxury is there name and manifestations are there thing ! These handcrafted candles or should we say “ Kandles “ are a unique one of a kind. Made with Herbs flower essences and essential oils nestled around lunar(Moon) charged crystals . Lightly scented forbeautiful manifestational bursts of energy. 

🌿Help clear away negative energies and replace them with Love, Light, and Positive Energy.

🌿It creates a calm and relaxing environment.

🌿Handmade and Hand-poured with Soy Wax for a Long, Clean Burn!


These listings are for a single (1) Candles.Handmade and hand-poured candle made from 100% Eco-soy wax and a combination of Natural Fragrance & Essential oils. The candle is topped with healing crystals, dried flowers, and herbs which are mindfully selected to help set the intention of the candle and can be changed at any time